Hazelnut Spritz Cookies

July 19, 2010 at 3:58 am (Chocolate, Cookies, Hazelnut)

So after the matcha cupcakes I was craving a bit of chocolate and these looked like just the thing.

I’m not going to be posting the recipe since I did absolutely nothing to it, and there are no pictures from me on this one or the next two – they happened before I decided to start the blog ^^.

Sadly I didn’t have a star tip big enough to pipe these – mine was about half the size I would have needed, and there was no way the dough was fitting though the tip I had.  So I decided to make them into roughly circular balls instead of the much more attractive piped cookies from delicious days as one of the commenters did.  I feel like the original cookie would have cookies more evenly – the balls were a bit softer in the center and crisper on the edges. I might try making these again for a holiday event, but they’ll never be my favorite cookie.  There wasn’t a lot of sweetening with the chocolate and even though I chose to dip them in milk rather than dark chocolate I still felt like the overall chocolate taste was pretty dark.  Personally I prefer milk chocolates, so the dark chocolate taste just didn’t suit me.  The hazelnut really added a lot to the cookie though – I just chopped them as finely as possible and left it at that – I liked the slightly chunky effect that gave, but if you don’t think you would make sure to actually grind the hazelnuts.  If I do make it again I might try substituting hot cocoa powder/sweetened cocoa for the unsweetened.


Reviews were generally positive but not glowing – many people commented that the cookie would go great with coffee – it was a bit dry even though it does indeed “melt in your mouth” as claimed.  They did garner two “definitely keep the recipe” reviews, but on the whole I doubt I’ll be making it often – not because it was bad at all but because of the type of cookie I prefer.  The odd texture was definitely a point people raised – it was finally decided that it’s somewhere between a truffle and a cookie and was thus coined a “trookie” or a “cuffle”.


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